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The Rickel Law Firm P.C., specializes in Community Association Law, delivering impressively effective results – often at no cost to the association.* Established in 1899, Rickel Law’s depth of vital experience enables our firm to excel in delinquency resolution, helping associations recover outstanding dues and assessments, while increasing the cash flow required to meet expenses and maintain an adequate reserve. 

Rickel Law also helps associations navigate through the complexity of master deeds, covenants, bylaws and compliance with governmental regulations. Our incisive condominium attorneys are ready to address your issues, whether they pertain to the intricacies of assessment collection, foreclosure, or any number of legal concerns.

We offer insightful solutions, providing clients with a thorough understanding of their rights and obligations. While most association issues can be addressed through constructive discussion, our team is proficient at handling court cases when the call arises. At Rickel Law, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, providing steadfast support to promote the success of association communities.

Condo Law Services

Services we offer:

Collection – Delinquent Dues and Assessments: Rickel Law strategically pursues and effectively collects delinquent dues and assessments, often at no cost to the association, by first charging the delinquent account.*  We employ proven collection methods to bring delinquent accounts back to zero balance, protecting the financial the stability and creditworthiness of the association.

Formulation and Amendment: Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants, Indentures, Deed Restrictions:  Rickel Law helps develop governing documents using clear, easy-to-understand language.  We utilize a collaborative approach to address your association’s needs while defining the rights and responsibilities of all members.

Dispute Resolution: Rickel Law is experienced at addressing conflicts and disputes within condominium communities, providing innovative ideas to ensure fair and equitable resolutions.

Contracts: When it comes to contract development and review, we offer perceptive analysis and advice, protecting associations against potential legal pitfalls while structuring business relationships to best benefit the community’s long-term objectives.

Does My Condo Association Need a Condominium Lawyer?

Navigating the complexities of condominium ownership and management can be challenging, and there are many situations where engaging the expertise of a condominium lawyer can be less expensive than not doing so. If your association needs an effective collection team, experienced document guidance or competent dispute resolution you can rely on Rickel Law’s condominium lawyers to provide the right answers.  Attorneys who specialize in condominium law can protect the legal interests of the association while contributing to the overall success and harmony of the community. If you have questions, contact Rickel Law.

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Condo Lawyer

Need Help Collecting Assessments & Dues?

Rickel Law operates professionally and considerately, fully aware that delinquent owners are also neighbors, friends and voters at annual meetings.