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What is ONYX?

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Rickel Law’s ONYX Case Management System is a user-friendly, proprietary software program that allows us to process the collection of delinquent Association assessments with detailed accounting accuracy and precise timing. Our reasonable flat fees are significantly lower than the hourly attorney fees charged by conventional firms, resulting in substantial savings for customers while providing increased quality of service and reduced risk of litigation. ONYX also gives clients fully transparent access to files, as well as real-time updates of case transactions and related documents, all at no extra cost.

ONYX operates in step with statutes and by-laws, saving Directors and Property Managers valuable time. With its accounting accuracy and synchronized progression ONYX has become the industry’s leading case tracking and assessment recovery tool. It allows you to review and manage all of your Association’s delinquent accounts so you can quickly determine the status of each case in real time, allowing Board Members and Property Managers to make informed decisions that provide the best choices for the Association.

We continuously improve our ONYX Case Management software to serve the growing needs of Associations, Directors and Property Managers. ONYX provides complete account information with multi-level reporting capability, and is continuously updated to reflect current statutes and ordinances. Another key ONYX benefit is the free, USA-based customer support line available to ONYX users.

With ONYX, clients can add notes, upload files, print invoices, review case details and quickly generate customizable reports for review and discussion at meetings. We are also happy to develop custom-tailored reports that give customers the exact information they need at the click of a button, all at no extra charge! Contact us for a demo of how ONYX works.

What is ONYX?

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