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The Rickel Law Firm, P.C., is a national, full-service, Centennial law firm specializing in a range of Legal Services essential to the ongoing success of every Community Association.

Association Attorney

Are you seeking professional legal support for your homeowners association or condominium management? Rickel Law's dedicated team of experts includes experienced Association Lawyers and Association Attorneys who specialize in HOA and Condominium Association Law.

Our Condo Lawyers and HOA Attorneys are well aware of the intricacies surrounding community association law, ensuring comprehensive and effective legal representation for your HOA, or condominium association. Whether you're dealing with delinquent dues, governance issues, contractual matters, or dispute resolution, our HOA and Condo Lawyers are here to guide you through the complexities of association law. And our delinquent dues collection service often comes at no cost to the association.

If your association is looking for unparalleled legal support, choose Rickel Law. Our expert team is committed to serving you and your association with precision and dedication, providing results that bring true customer satisfaction.

National Centennial Law Firm (Established 1899)

General Counsel Specializing in Community Association Law

Respectful, Cost-Effective Collection of Delinquent Association Assessments

Utilizes the ONYX Case Management System


Need Help Collecting Assessments & Dues?

Rickel Law operates professionally and considerately, fully aware that delinquent owners are also neighbors, friends and voters at annual meetings.