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Founded in 1899, The Rickel Law Firm, P.C., is a full-service, Centennial law firm specializing in a range of Association Legal Services. We provide a decidedly better method of performing respectful, efficient collection of delinquent association assessments for both condominium and homeowner associations (HOA) –always remembering that delinquent owners may also be neighbors, friends and voters at annual meetings. Typically, our collection service comes at no out of pocket cost to your association.

Honolulu’s Best and Most Experienced Collection Source and Association Counsel

As a Centennial Firm, Rickel Law has developed an impressive record of performing collections and representing Associations. Our expertise and years of experience enable us to deliver outstanding service to our clients without wasting their time or money.

Experienced Honolulu Condo Fees Collections Attorney

Rickel Law is one of the most experienced collections firms in the nation. As a full-service law firm, we provide community association support that includes:

  • Bylaw / Governing Document Formulation and Revision
  • Collection
  • Covenants
  • Declarations
  • Deed Restriction Enforcement
  • Delinquencies
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Vendor Contract Enforcement
  • Association Legal Matters
  • Emergency Planning

Honolulu Assessment Recovery Law Firm

As an experienced Honolulu assessment collections law firm, Rickel Law offers the advantage of the ONYX Case Management System – the nation’s leading, user-friendly, proprietary software that enables us to perform accurate, cost-effective collections.

Our competitive flat fees are significantly lower than hourly attorney fees, resulting in a substantial savings while providing increased quality of service. ONYX gives clients fully transparent access, as well as real-time updates on case transactions and related documents, all at no extra cost.

Honolulu Condo Lawyer

Rickel Law is a Honolulu Condo Lawyer dedicated to providing exceptional legal services with a primary focus on the respectful, thorough, and cost-effective collection of delinquent association assessments for both condominium owner associations (COA) and homeowner associations (HOA). We are experts in formulating and revising Bylaws and Governing Documents, ensuring that these foundational documents align with the unique needs and goals of the community. Rickel Law’s expertise extends to managing covenants, declarations, and deed restriction enforcement to maintain the integrity of the community.

Community Association Lawyers Serving Honolulu

For professional, experienced assessment collection and association legal services, contact Rickel Law.

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Honolulu Association Law Firm

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Rickel Law operates professionally and considerately, fully aware that delinquent owners are also neighbors, friends and voters at annual meetings.